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Warring States period, no matter how advanced siege equipment, but the ancient craftsmen is the use of sophisticated craft would be processed into wood and metal so that we wonder weapons, their power can not be underestimated. Crossbow, Arrow cars, large catapults, siege ladders and other long-fighting weapon, I believe that many players have seen in the movies. Now participate in the "Warring States warlords' war of the country, you can operate these weapons into battle personally, I believe that the novelty will not play CS field than the inferior.

However, keep off the border life is hard, that simple tent, barren yellow earth, decades of waiting, months of hard self-evident. But the soldiers also created a strong will. Wars on the country, these men are your strong backing to win. And transportation, assault, keeps the flag, siege ... they will use their blood to defend national dignity and life, bloody fight to the death for the country in the end.