EVE Online : Survivor Guy: Returning to Eve Online Part 2


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EVE Incarna is fast approaching with developers spending a lot of time touting new features including the captain's quarters and much more. In his latest Survivor Guy series, MMORPG's Adam Tingle heads back into EVE to see how he does after a year's respite from the game. Check out Survivor Guy: Returning to EVE Part 2 and then let us know what you think

Before throwing caution to the wind I decide to do the Eve Online equivalent of asking for fatherly advice; I head into the "Rookie" chat channel and inquire as to reliability of the vehicle I plan on buying; after one or two "LOLS" and a hearty "LMAO EPIC FAIL" I receive a viable message "It's OK but not brilliant" if there was ever more of a ringing endorsement, the aforementioned was all I needed. Heading back to the opened market panel I purchase the ship named "Merlin" - even the name fills me with pre-teen glee, I will be like the intergalactic version of the Arthurian wizard; I can see the Eve chicks piling up already as I cruise to the space-mall in this bad boy. I click into the menu which holds my space ships and there it is. I opt to assemble and make it active; it finally appears in front of my eyes, floating in mid-air: a 3 engine wonder that looks awesomely like Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. Oh my god I am in love.