Eve isk players can find an agent.


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Agents to perform various tasks for the NPC will have many rewards, especially in the first 3-4 levels of the task. NPC agents and their companies to provide alternative role-playing task, go through the various aspects described "EVE Online" world adventure.To get an agent task requires some conditions, such as the player's skill and loyalty. After these conditions are met, Eve isk players can find an agent, under the guidance of his series of tasks you can accomplish.Novice task training the way the agent will send you an e-mail. When you are parked in their space station, the station service, select "agent" label, right-click and select the chat agent. Agents will be some melancholy to begin a dialogue with you, and to dialogue option to display the services provided.Normal agent NPC will you meet the requirements before their reputation to provide you with tasks. Some agents charge a fee NPC in galaxies can provide location-based services to help you in the constellation and the region in search of other players.