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An unknown world far from Earth, in the vast and deep depths of the universe, this was later called "New Eden," the mysterious galaxy, in the end how far away from us? When humans through a natural wormhole into this new world, is also blurred in front of the scene that spread all over, I do not know where you are. However people to explore new worlds, but has not been the slightest impact. In less than a century in the "new Eden" has become the best light of the birth of civilization, the cradle of numerous adventurers and prospectors have the door all day shuttling EVE star among New World colonies have to spend more open Fan Ye Mao. However, in an unexplained disaster, EVE door collapsed without warning. Great energy to the new Eden destroyed, tens of thousands of colonies scattered parties, thousands of miles away, the ultimate human-suffering forever lost the opportunity to return home after millions of years of vicissitudes, the descendants of survivors of human established Emma, ​​Jupiter five Empire, and together with some small-scale forces in the world propped up EVE. Which, while the war continued, but the situation in the large still maintain the peace.