First we announced public timers on when to end an incursion.

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A lot of politics and time has been used on creating agreements between the two largest and major incursion chats in EVE (the armor chat: The Ditanian Fleet and BTL Pub, including minor chats such as IHUB, Sk33t and so forth).
We've modified the agreements, attempted to fulfill everyone's wishes and desires regarding such on when to end an incursion and when not to.

First we announced public timers on when to end an incursion. Secondly we classified incursions that would mobilize as valid targets. Depending on various criteria such as how many true highsec incursions were established, in which sovereignty and so forth.
However, due to conflicts and general annoyance the agreements between the incursion runners have broken down and as a result of this you will most definitely experience that incursions will no longer last more than 12 hours and minimum a handful of hours depending on the location of the future incursions.
This has also been the reason that there has never been a shortage of a highsec incursion the last many weeks. The incursion community has attempted and successfully kept those available for all pilots in EVE to join in and participate on.

Nonetheless, I do not see the reason for US, the incursion runners, to do such agreements and try to prolong the incursions, when it is in fact your responsibility as a content provider, you CCP, to make sure this feature and expansion to the game is organized and maintained properly continuously in respond to how much interest there is in incursions.

You have already modified the sansha gain influence and especially the capsuleer gained influence in highsec. I therefore ask you to do this again, so we don't have to spend our times in hourlong meetings trying to make an agreement so the incursions last longer.
I am asking CCP to step in and naturally have the incursions last longer, even with the hundreds of pilots that do them every day.

Please if you as an incursion runner agree, feel free to voice yourself in this topic.