Nine Years Of EVE Online

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May 6th will mark the ninth anniversary of CCP Games's release of EVE Online. To celebrate the sci-fi MMO's birthday the company will be offering players a choice of gifts starting on May 4th and continuing until June 4th.

In much the same way as the 2011 Holiday Gift, we'll be giving you a choice beginning May 4th, a couple days ahead of the May 6th 9-year-birthday of EVE Online.

Here's all the options. In their own special way, they each celebrate changes that just came in the Escalation to Inferno patch.

Fire All Lasers (with Dignity) - Omen and Maller (Cruisers) + Medium Energy Turret and Amarr Cruisers (Skill Books)

Duty, Honor, State (and Missiles) - Caracal and Moa (Cruisers) + Assault Missiles, Medium Hybrid Turret, Heavy Missiles, Caldari Cruiser (Skill Books)

Deadly Elegance (Drones Extra) - Vexor and Thorax (Cruisers) + Medium Hybrid Turret and Gallente Cruisers (Skill Books)

Heavy Iron (Rusted) - Stabber and Rupture (Cruisers) + Assault Missiles, Medium Projectile Turret, Heavy Missiles, Minmatar Cruiser (Skill Books)

Plug and Play - Full set of +2 Attribute Implants (Limited Ocular Filter Beta, Limited Neural Boost Beta...etc...)

Refine Your Skills - Memory Augmentation Standard and Cybernetic Subprocessor Standard (Implants) + Scrapmetal, Ice and all other ore Processing (Skillbooks)

Drill Bits - 10x each ore mining crystal I's (10x Arkonor Mining Crystal I, 10x Bistot Mining Crystal I...etc...10 x Veldspar Mining Crystal I)

A Paxist Treasure - Pax Ammaria - Collector's Item

The offer will go live on May 4th and be live until June 4th, 23:59:59 UTC.

As always, any exploits or gaming of the redemption system during this time will result in all exploited items being removed from accounts and those accounts being considered for bans. It's free stuff. Act nice :) Eligible pilots who do not select a gift during this time will receive the "Plug and Play" set by default at the end of the offer timeframe.