The gravity storms

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Closing of EVEThe EVE wormhole closed while the EVE gates were still under construction. This didn't seem to affect the gates at all and they functioned properly from the start. But then, after seven decades of working flawlessly, disaster struck. An unexplained phenomenon engulfed the EVE gates, creating a severe disturbance, rendering the gates inoperable and reducing the prosperous New Eden system to rubble. The EVE gate in New Eden still exists, but any ship that tries to go near it is destroyed by the gravity storms.

The effects of Eve's closure were sudden and dramatic, with all the bases and settlements in New Eden being affected. Without the gates, the colonists found themselves cut off and isolated. As most of the colonies had only been settled a few years or decades previously, very few of them were self-sufficient. One by one the colonies died out. The few colonies who survived slowly lost their knowledge and advanced industries due to the lack of tools and the ability to maintain them.